Karibu Chui Tech Solutions.

Chui Tech Solutions is an Information Technology (I.T) based organization whose aim is to provide you with I.T solutions to your Problems.

The organization's Slogan is "Your number one IT solution Provider". We create digital products and services that help brands thrive in a connected world.

Are you a land owner who want to sell your land? A you a farmer who want to sell your produce? Are you a maid who want a job? We have a solution to your problems. Chui Tech Solutions will connect you as a land owner to a buyer near your location; your farm produce to buyers near you, and give you a qualified maid to take care of your daily chores as you concentrate on other things.

At a small fee, you are able to access all our services.

At Chui Tech Solutions, we do ensure that our clients get the requested services in time and to their satisfaction just as our slogan states "Your number one IT solution provider". Again, we do believe in Equality. Give us a chance to serve you.

Call us on: +254 713 345 515 or email us on chuitechsolutions@gmail.com or info@chuitech.com and let us serve you.

A summary of our services

  1. System and website design, development, implementation and hosting. For example (Job application, school website, blog, company portfolio, payroll, tenders etc)
  2. Microsoft Office Packages Certification,
  3. Typesetting, Digital Printing & photocopying,
  4. Desktop and Laptop sales,
  5. Various Software sale and installation
  6. Network setup & installation,
  7. Graphic Design: Calendar, Business cards, Wedding cards, Fund raising cards, Election Banners and Fliers, Advertisement posters, Certificates
  8. We also deal with General hardware, software and Accessories distribution.

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